The Endurance Proto title for the 20th anniversary of CD Sport

The curtain has fallen in Estoril on the 2015 V de V Endurance Series season. Like the six previous meetings, this Lusitano meeting held in suspense until the very last lap, with the crew of the Norma M20 FC n°30 CD Sport of Thomas Accary, Kevin Bole- Besançon and Jean-Ludovic Foubert, the 2015 Champions of the Proto V de V Endurance Challenge.

Published on 09/11/2015 à 13:04

Pierre Tassel

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The Endurance Proto title for the 20th anniversary of CD Sport

Author of the pole position, the sixth this year, the Norma n°8 of the TFT team, in the hands of Capillaire / Ferté / Illiano, won for the honor its third success this year at the end of a race without fault and asserts itself as the most victorious of this campaign.

Tony Pereira's men will undoubtedly regret the two goalless scores at Mugello and Castellet due to technical problems, but we are already looking forward to meeting next season. The Gers prototype is ahead of the No. 53 Graff Racing Ligier JS 2 Evo 29 from Clairay / Trouillet / Perroy under the checkered flag at the end of an equally solid race.

But what caught the attention of this final confrontation was the fight for the title between the Norma n°30 and 31 CD Sport, the Ligier n°17 ​​IDEC Sport Racing and the n°41 Equipe Palmyr. Arriving as leader in Portugal, the trio Bole-Besançon / Accary / Foubert, on the No. 30, constantly evolved in the Top-10 and was able to settle for 4th place to win the laurels at the end of a season which will have them seen winning in Dijon and taking the podium in Barcelona and Magny-Cours.

“It’s a huge reward for the work of the drivers and Claude Dégremont’s team, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year,” rejoices Accary. We applied a classic strategy here and I didn't take any chances at the end of the race when I was told by radio that by maintaining our position, we would be champions. The main thing was to keep the prototypes on the track, because we had done most of the work during the previous rounds. Congratulations to CD Sport! »

Defeated in the championship, IDEC Sport Racing can console itself with the third step on the Portuguese podium, acquired at the cost of a superb comeback which Patrice and Paul Lafargue, associated with Enjalbert, have often rewarded us with. Forced to start from the back of the grid due to an exit from the track in qualifying, they were able to patiently prepare their return to the front and fell just 6,5 points behind the champions.

Fifth in the event, the No. 15 IDEC Sport Racing Ligier of Frédéric and Nicolas da Rocha / Cavailhes had a brilliant run which earned it victory in an incredibly tight Prestige category in the final standings. The last word finally goes to the Norma n°6 TFT of Bruno Bazaud, Jean-Lou Rihon and Philippe Thirion.

The next two crews are perfectly tied, with 85 points each, the n°67 Team One of Grégory and Rémy Striebig / Ludovic André, therefore finishes second in the prestige ranking of the season. As for the n°42 Team Palmyr of Beck / Kubryck / Michel, 6th in Estoril, it therefore completes the final top three, with a success to its credit in Dijon.

Finally, let us point out the 7th place of the Norma n°41 Equipe Palmyr of Gachnang / Belle / Petersen which allows the latter to climb onto the third step of the final podium of the Challenge, of which it deprives the n°33 CD Sport of Dannielou / Maulini / Wolff, 9th in the vicinity of Lisbon behind the n°56 of Domingues / Tardieu / Vozniak.

Thus ends on an excellent note the 2015 vintage of V de V Endurance Series which promises to be ever richer in competitors, atmosphere and suspense next year. See you in Barcelona from March 18 to 20!

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