These teams which presented special liveries for the Monaco Grand Prix

With the presentation of McLaren's "Ayrton Senna" livery, AUTOhebdo has decided to delve back into the F1 archives to help you rediscover some of the most original decorations seen on the streets of Monaco.

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Gonzalo Forbes

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These teams which presented special liveries for the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​often chosen by teams to unveil unique liveries. ©DPPI

Jaguar and the unfound diamond – 2004

Far from the leading roles, Jaguar made a lot of talk about it during the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix. For its sporting performances? Not really. In addition to the presentation of a livery for the promotion of the film “Ocean's Twelve” with Brad Pitt or George Clooney adding a few red touches to his green dress, the English team has implanted a 56,9 carat diamond valued at around 200 000 euros on the nose of each of its R5s, at the time driven by Mark Webber and Christian Klien.

A publicity stunt that would make a lot of people talk about Jaguar but not necessarily for the right reasons. In fact, the second city did not make it past the first lap, even ending its race in the wall at the hotel hairpin. Nothing too bad until the disappearance of the famous diamond was reported. Where did he go ? Nearly twenty years after the incident, the mystery remains unsolved.

The famous diamond was never seen again. ©DPPI/JM. The Meur

Red Bull with Hollywood sauce – 2005/2006

For its first year after the acquisition of Jaguar, Red Bull brought a burst of freshness to the grid for the 2005 season. And like its predecessor the previous year, the energy drink team also decided to innovate for the Monaco Grand Prix. No question here of diamonds but always of cinema.

After Ocean's Twelve, Red Bull this time changed its livery to promote the third part of the Star Wars saga "Revenge of the Sith", the sixth if we follow the order of release of the films at the time directed by George Lucas. We could then see the logo on the sidepods as well as touches of lava throughout the RB1.

May the force be with you. ©DPPI/JM. The Meur

The Milton Keynes-based team repeated the operation in 2006 but with the film Superman. The superhero logo was visible in different places on the body of an RB2 hovered over by Clark Kent's red cape. The drivers also had special combinations during the weekend and even on the podium since David Coulthard was invited to the last step of this one.

It's a bird ? A plane ? No, it's Superman! ©DPPI/F. Le Floc’h

Mercedes pays tribute to Niki Lauda – 2019

Less than a week after the disappearance of Niki Lauda (May 20, 2019), honorary president of the team, Mercedes wanted to pay tribute to him. For this, the Silver Arrows were equipped with certain details recalling the memory of the Austrian, three times world champion (1975, 1977 and 1984).

Two details mainly stood out: the entirely red halo and a single star, among the many on the engine hood, painted red. In addition, Mercedes added Niki Lauda's signature on the nose while all team members wore caps of the same color, the one by which the former driver stood out. Lewis Hamilton had also paid tribute to him with a special helmet and above all victory in the streets of the Principality.

McLaren goes old-fashioned – 2021/2023

To celebrate its historic partnership with Gulf, McLaren had presented a livery in the colors of the oil company which are orange and sky blue. This was very well received by fans of the English manufacturer. Lando Norris had he been able to celebrate with a 3e place behind Carlos Sainz and the winner Max Verstappen.

One of the most beautiful liveries of recent years without a doubt. © Florent Gooden / DPPI

This year, the Woking team has decided to do it again but to celebrate its past exploits such as the championship titles in F1, victories at the Indy 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. For the occasion, Lando Norris and Oscar piastri will pilot an MCL60 sporting a three-color livery: black, white and papaya orange.

McLaren celebrates its past. ©McLaren

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