Safari Rally – Kalle Rovanperä: “I’m happy with how we won”

The reigning world champion - temporary driver for Toyota this year - flew through the Safari Rally in a disconcerting manner.

Published on 02/04/2024 à 12:00


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Safari Rally – Kalle Rovanperä: “I’m happy with how we won”

© Nikos Katikis / DPPI

What are your feelings after this new success?

Faced with such a challenge, it’s a relief. Here we don't necessarily fight against other pilots, but against the elements. It's been like this since Friday morning and it's a great satisfaction to emerge victorious.

Having hardly had to compete against another competitor, is this victory special?

I like the way we won. We were able to observe that our rivals had a lot of problems, while nothing happened to us, either to the car or the tires. It wasn't just a matter of speed and I find that there is also satisfaction in having managed to show ourselves diligent in what we had decided to do for three stages.

What was your secret to staying out of trouble?

We just tried to get around as many stones as possible... It's sometimes very stressful, because you're never safe from something happening even if you're very careful.

You now have two successes at the Safari, which is one of the key events of the championship. What does this inspire you?

Not bad.

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