Droux and Houllier shine under the Castellet sun

The show continues at Le Castellet in the V de V Endurance Series, with qualifying for the GT-Tourism category this morning; sessions which were also accompanied by the first races in Funyo and Single-seater with a hierarchy respected in both cases.

Published on 07/09/2015 à 12:54


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Droux and Houllier shine under the Castellet sun

Challenge Single seat V de V

Race 1: Smooth from start to finish

The single-seaters got the ball rolling this Saturday morning on the Paul Ricard track with the first race of the weekend. The 28 competitors set off for 20? sprint and David Droux (Formula Renault 2.0 #97? RC Formula) did not let himself be surprised by Riccardo Cazzaniga (Formula Renault 2.0 n°97 at GSK Grand Prix) who had nevertheless made a perfect flight from 2nd place. The Swiss falls back and immediately widens the gap at the rate of 0??7 per lap. His pursuers will never see him again? And while Droux manages his lead of around 3, the reigning champion Daniele Cazzaniga is getting closer to his brother, who is breaking two loops from the finish. Riccardo spins and drops back to 6th place. Alexandre Jouannem (Formula Renault 6 n°2.0? CPB Sport), qualified 44th on the grid, finished 5rd just ahead of Gilles Heriau (Formula Renault 3 n°2.0? Formula Motorsport), and Julien Falchero (Formula Renault 37 n°2.0? GSK Grand Prix). The victory in category B went to Oscar Arcila (Formula Renault 3 n°2.0? SG Racing), ranked 9th overall.

Race 2: Droux doubles the stake

David Droux (Formula Renault 2.0 n°97 - RC Formula) reproduced the same scenario during the 2nd race, losing his opponents from the first laps before stabilizing his lead around 3-6. Behind, first twist: Daniele Cazzaniga (Formula Renault 2.0 n°81? GSK SAS) in turn makes a mistake which costs him dearly. It will only rank? 9th. Alexandre Jouannem (Formula Renault 2.0 n°44) climbs onto the 3rd step of the podium once again, just behind Riccardo Cazzaniga (Formula Renault 2.0 n°1? GSK Grand Prix). The CPB Sport driver, long installed in 5th place, managed to pass Alexey Chuklin (Formula Renault 2.0 n°47? RC Formula) and Gilles Heriau (Formula Renault 2.0 n°37? Formula Motorsport) at the end. Oscar Arcila (Formula Renault 2.0 n°9? SG Racing), ranked 13th, once again wins category B.

Funyo V of V Challenge

Race 1: Houllier keeps control

The Funyos follow in the footsteps of the single-seaters with the first race in their category. At 9:20 a.m., the first car leaves for a flying start and pole sitter Arlan Boulain will show the full potential of his SP 05 n°32 by taking off. Behind, the leader of the general classification Romain Houllier (HMC Lohéac ? Funyo 5 n°24) is somewhat confined when the lights go out but does not let himself be intimidated. He crossed the finish line as the winner ahead of Christophe Girardot (SP 05 n°11 at Prom?Auto Sport) who came back like a cannonball from 5th position. This success also allows him to widen the gap in the championship over Gwenaël Delomier (Funyo 5 n°58 at Kramer Racing), not classified. Cyril Denis (Funyo 5 n°72 – Wintec) and his teammate Julien Goupy (Funyo 5 n°45), who fought for a long time, inherited 2nd and 3rd places. First place in category B goes to Renaud Malinconi (Funyo 5 n°81? GC Automobile).

Challenge Endurance VHC V de V: Doe hits back in qualifying

John Doe gave the answer to Franck Metzger this Saturday morning. The Classic Racing Experience driver, author of a time of 2:22:516, took pole position in the VHC category just ahead of his opponent's #6 Cesca Grac, which had stood out in private testing. . Five tenths separated the two leading men at the end of this session. Yann Le Calvez (Elva MK8 n°3? Mecamotor), Richard Bryan (Chevron B36 n°76? RLR M Sport) and Alain Bazard (Ford GT 40 n°2? ARA Engineering) complete the top 5.

4 Hours Endurance GT / Touring: An LMP3 takes pole

The LNT team's #3 Ginetta LMP32 will start from pole position in the GT-Touring category with Michael Simpson and Lawrence Tomlinson at the wheel. The latter, dependent on a time of 2:05:734, will share the first row with the Ferrari F458 n°2 de Pagny / Perrier / Bouvet qui mènent le classement général. L?équipage Cordoni / Zanuttini / Montermini (Ferrari F458 n°51 ? AF Corse) occuperont la 3e place sur la grille juste devant les teams IDEC Sport Racing (Paul et Patrice Lafargue ? Porsche 911 GT3-R n°1) et Speed Factory (Konstantin / Dainius / Von Oostrum ? Ginetta LMP3 n°5).

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