Verstappen alone in the world for his first victory in China: “I could do what I wanted with the car”

Winner for the 4th time this season in 5 races, Max Verstappen never appeared threatened in this Chinese Grand Prix. New show of force from the Dutchman.

Published on 21/04/2024 à 11:34

Gonzalo Forbes

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Verstappen alone in the world for his first victory in China: “I could do what I wanted with the car”

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Everything works for Red Bull, and Max Verstappen unfolds. For the return of the Chinese Grand Prix after 5 years of absence, a country where he had still not won, the three-time world champion was not destabilized. Far from there.

Very good race pace, no technical problems, relentless strategy with perfect stops, including one in 1, restarts without a hitch... the driver of the Austrian team was quite simply in steamroller mode this Sunday.

« I felt amazing on the track, smiled-he after another quiet day at the office. We were very fast throughout the weekend. It's just pure pleasure to drive this car, even on every type of tire. All follow-ups went well. The car was practically on rails. I could do whatever I wanted with it. These kinds of weekends are always incredible. To be able to do what we did this weekend is fantastic."

Worried at the end of the race after driving over debris, Max Verstappen was finally reassured by his team, heading towards 38e victory of his career.

« You still hear noises, He explains. I have already experienced this in the past, very close to the finish. There was some debris from a car and I drove over it at 300 km/h. When the tires are colder and worn, a puncture can quickly happen. I preferred to double check."

Victorious in China, Max Verstappen added a 30e Different Grand Prix at its hunting table returning to 1 length of Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, it is the 26the different circuit on which he won. Here too, only the Englishman does better with 31.

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Gonzalo Forbes

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Yves-Henri RANDIER

21/04/2024 at 05:42 a.m.

Even if the RB20 seems less dominant than the RB19, the speed with which Verstappen manages to immediately protect himself from the DRS remains extraordinarily astonishing!

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