Rallye de la Côte Fleurie – Reydellet doubles the stake

Co-driven by Stéphane Lefebvre, like last year, Mickaël Reydellet won for the second time in a row on the first rally of the season in the great west.

Published on 25/02/2024 à 11:54

Emmanuel Naud

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Rallye de la Côte Fleurie – Reydellet doubles the stake

© Damien Saulnier / DPPI

After a late entry, Mickaël Reydellet arrived on the starting podium of the 53rd edition of the rally of the Côte Fleurie with a new Fabia RS Rally2 and his friend Stéphane Lefebvre in the right seat.

The winning pair of the 2022 edition immediately took control of the rally. Contested in demanding conditions with tricky and graceful special stages due to heavy showers and passages at night that were always tricky, the Côte Fleurie rally lived up to its reputation! Reydellet took stock of the numerous pitfalls and resisted the pressure from Pierre Ragues (Fabia RS Rally2). The two drivers were fighting for seconds, but Reydellet did not tremble.

Contested at night on an extremely tricky road, the last special was going to be decisive! “It's going to be close,” Reydellet whispered at the finish, “I almost spun just before the finish. » The verdict of the timer falls, Reydellet can savor his victory, the second on his rally: " I can not believe it ! A podium would have already been a great performance. Everything went very well with “Steph” (Lefebvre, editor’s note). I didn't think I would adapt so quickly to the Fabia RS Rally2 that I was discovering. I am really very happy. » “I try to bring my experience to Mickaël. At times, I sort through the notes a bit and try to anticipate the pitfalls”, added Stéphane Lefebvre, as comfortable with a notebook as behind a steering wheel!

On the attack, Pierre Ragues finally took second place ahead of Eric Brunson (C3 Rally2). “I made a few mistakes in the last special, we tried! Mickaël rode very well, he was solid throughout the rally. Ten seconds isn't much, but it's too much! » Pierre Ragues should now devote his program to the French Gravel Rally Championship. Jordan Berfa (i20 R5) finished his race just off the podium.

Coming to Normandy to prepare for her season and discover driving the Fiesta Rally2 of the Iron Dames/Sarrazin Motorsport team in racing conditions, Sarah Rumeau achieved promising times on terrain that she did not know. The Ford driver finished sixth behind Anthony Langlois (Lancer Evo 9), winner of the Group F-RallyNat.

This rally was also an opportunity for Valentin Ascenzi and Quentin Vialatte, the two winners of the Youth Rally operation, to make their competitive debut at the wheel of the Corsa Rally4. The first city took second place in F RC4 while Vialatte entered the final Top 5.

53rd Rally of La Côte Fleurie – Ranking

1. M. Reydellet-S. Lefebvre (Fabia RS Rally2) 57'19''2 (1st F-RC2)
2. P. Ragues-J. Pesenti (Fabia RS Rally2) at 10”4
3. E. Brunson-S. Nollet (C3 Rally2) at 39”7
4. J. Berfa-D. Augustin (i20 R5) at 2'03''6
5. A. Langlois-M. Pottier (Lancer Evo 9) at 4'24''3 (1st F-RallyNat)
6. S. Rumeau-J. Amblard (Fiesta Rally2) at 4'39''1
7. F. Guégan-N. Simon (Lancer Evo 9) at 5'18''7
8. A. Julien-M. Julien (207 Super 2000) at 5'53''3
9. E. Dubos-M. Flambard (208) at 7'19''9 (1st F-RC4)
10. A. Vay-P. Haye (DS 3 R5) at 7'33''6
30. C. Lange-N. Roney (Clio RS) at 12'40''8 (1st F-RC5)
31. C. Gouville-B. Ricou (Clio) at 12'40''8 (1st F-RC3)…

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